Learn About Scuba Diving

Diver in the Exumas

Whether you are new to scuba or an experienced professional, there are always more things to learn about scuba diving. This area of the Aquatic Adventures website is dedicated to all of you out there who want to expand your understanding of this exciting sport.

Getting Scuba Certified

Thinking about becoming a scuba diver? Then check out our So How Do I Become a Certified Diver?  page. Here you will find a discussion of all the options for becoming a PADI certified diver through Aquatic Adventures.

Scuba Certification FAQs

Got questions about getting certified? So have many of our former students. That’s why we compiled this list of the many questions we have answered about certification over the years. See our Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Scuba Certified page to get answers to your questions or maybe some you haven’t even thought of.

Featured Products

Looking to purchase your own equipment? Here are some reviews, videos, and discussions about key products sold by Aquatic Adventures including an article on How to Purchase a Mask, Snorkel, and Fins.

Why Take Additional Training

Are you currently a certified diver? Would better skills and a little more experience improve your confidence in the water? Then consider taking some continuing education courses. Our Why Take Additional Scuba Training page highlights the benefits of continuing on to becoming the best diver you can be.

Enriched Air Diving

So you’ve heard about Nitrox and you’ve seen divers using it, but you really don’t know why you should use Enriched Air. Well here is an informative article written by one of our Enriched Air instructors on what Enriched Air diving is all about and why it might be for you.

Dry Suit Diving

Many divers feel dry suits are only for expert divers. Our Dry Suit Diving article explains in straight forward terms what it takes to dive a dry suit and how a dry suit will benefit you.

Technical Diving

For a growing number of adventurous divers, descending below 40 meters/130 feet or venturing deep into caves or shipwrecks carries an irresistible appeal. Find out what it takes to become part of this elite group of highly skilled, experienced adventure seekers.